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If anyone here plays PSO2 add me @Nxtech or @Kyrosaur. If you have snapchat add me @Nxtech and contact me so we can play some pso2! I miss this community it would be awesome to do some runs with yall!
Level:139 whitill, HUmar, Luie

Weapons: Sange & Yasha ,Red Sword +20,Red handgun

Armor: Valiant Frame 4 slots God/Power God/Power Orge/power++ Elf/Arm++

Barrier: Standstill Sheild

level: 59 greenill, RAmar, kyro

weapons: Belra's cannon, Ophélie Seize, Ano bazooka

Armor: Dragon Frame 4 slots Elf/arm++, Elf/arm++, God/power, H/power

Barrier: Secret Gear
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