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Hi im offering a

l&k38 combat
ophelle seize
ano bazooka
meteor smash +25
justy 23st +15
rianov 303 snr
brave hammer
flame visit
silence claw
red coat 0 slots
alliance uniform 0 slots
proto regene gear
custom barrier
and 2 pds

its a lot of bad or ok stuff with like 00000- 25 25 25 25 0 so i think it adds up to 38 pds
Level:139 whitill, HUmar, Luie

Weapons: Sange & Yasha ,Red Sword +20,Red handgun

Armor: Valiant Frame 4 slots God/Power God/Power Orge/power++ Elf/Arm++

Barrier: Standstill Sheild

level: 59 greenill, RAmar, kyro

weapons: Belra's cannon, Ophélie Seize, Ano bazooka

Armor: Dragon Frame 4 slots Elf/arm++, Elf/arm++, God/power, H/power

Barrier: Secret Gear