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kyro 02-09-2009 02:57 AM

Im buying a heaven striker
I am buying/trading a heaven striker if you have one you would like to sell please post how much you are selling it for.

Jimbo1990 02-09-2009 12:40 PM

Wrong part of the forum, you want the trades section.;)

Mirinee 09-09-2009 03:56 AM

Unfortunately, now's not the best time to be buying one since the Episode 4 drop rates are being adjusted, so it's extremely hard to hunt once again. I've seen B>HS 60pd rooms.

I'm so mad at my friend selling his off 3 months ago and not to me. xD He still has one, no hit. What are you offering to trade?

kyro 10-09-2009 04:14 AM

Hi im offering a

l&k38 combat
ophelle seize
ano bazooka
meteor smash +25
justy 23st +15
rianov 303 snr
brave hammer
flame visit
silence claw
red coat 0 slots
alliance uniform 0 slots
proto regene gear
custom barrier
and 2 pds

its a lot of bad or ok stuff with like 00000- 25 25 25 25 0 so i think it adds up to 38 pds

Mirinee 10-09-2009 06:54 AM

Sorry, it's no good.

It's just increasingly hard to find nowadays. Desert runs are routinely yielding nothing, whereas one year ago, something'd always drop. Maybe wait a while before you buy/hunt one. I'll be doing the same.

kyro 10-09-2009 09:53 PM

thanks but do you know the new chance of finding one?

Mirinee 11-09-2009 04:08 AM

Noppers. No one knows.

As of a month ago, in Ep4 Ultimate Mode, only the rare monsters ever dropped anything for me. I still find PDs. According to forums, non-PDs do still drop. :( I can just pray they don't make it worse by the next server update.

kyro 11-09-2009 12:11 PM

oh so the moved the chances to like 1/10050?

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