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Old 02-07-2005, 03:58 PM
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Hacking & Duping Rules - Revised, please read.

I would like to remind all of our members that posting links to sites which describe how to dupe or anything of the sort is strictly forbidden on Ragol.co.uk. However, keep in mind that simply talking about hacks and cheats is fine, that's what this forum is for.

Keep in mind two of the forum rules:
  • 4 - Offsite Linking<<
Off-site linking is strictly disallowed, unless it is directly related to the topic in question. If you want to advertise your site or clan, you are welcome to put a link in your signature.
  • 8 - Cheating<<
You can discuss cheating. However, posting cheats, or a link to cheats will result in an instant and unwarned ban.

These rules are but a few of the ones which you agreed upon when you signed up on the forums. If you are unfamiliar with these rules or any of the others, I suggest you get to know them: Forum Rules.

Breaking the above rules may result in an instant and unwarned ban of the individual. That is to say, if anyone is caught posting links to cheats, they will be dealt with most severely. I highly suggest not doing so. Thank you all for your cooperation.

Double Edge

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