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Old 22-04-2013, 11:02 PM
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Pso2 jp: easter, towers and more?

posting from my 3ds so if you see this, its the very brief version.

Since the last thread (sorry, been meaning to do this for awhile) pso2 has had 3-4 updates (from hot springs to new bosses completely), the major additions are:

The dragon alter level (http://youtu.be/hBX-rvQdgN4 - free field run done by yours truly)
Level cap raised to 60
Hot springs team room
New skills and major reworking of hunter stances
10* trading!
Chrome dragon EQ
Egg rappys! (with easter lobby, with the psogc easter lobby music, so so good :'))
Naturally, costumes by the thousands.
Three new advance quests, with yet more psogc items (Twin brand and dragon slayer to name but a few).
Grinding buffs, its now slightly easier then before.

Now! for the future alot of stuff was revealed/confirmed over the last week or two (For the Japanese version anyway) that has me very, very excited. First things first:

A tower is coming to PSO2 very, very soon (in 2-6 weeks, is my best guess). Heres a small trailer video with some bits in action: http://youtu.be/rJAC6OpXzxc (The first section is the new forest base team room). From what we know:
You have 30 mins to 'clear' the tower, however that's done.
Each floor has a condition before you can go to the next one, IE kill 10 spardons within 15 seconds, or defeat 23 parts of the big vardha and kill it in 3 minutes. Also if you notice, there is a posion gas effect during that video, just to add more pressure on you...

Emergency code: Pso2 episode... two?

mmhmm, that's right. The second ark of the story has been officially announced, not many details have been given, however what we do know is this:

Three new classes (totalling 9, 3 is my guess anyway but makes sense)
New planet(s). one is an ocean based planet with a level on the beach/seabed (Anyone guessing a jungle area will be on the same planet?)
A new race! Dewmans make a grand entry into pso2 in episode 2, boasting high attack stats but lacking in Hp/defense's
The beginning and End of the Arks
The third type of Darkers
Who are the Photoners?

Unfortunately, we need to wait till at least June for more information, however have a trailer with some cool music: http://youtu.be/LTYZNGmRIwk (note at 0:43 how that character looks alot like the Hunewearls from pso1, a connection, perhaps?)

Anyway, part 2 of the imperial guardian update comes tomorrow, with a new time attack quest, possibly new advance quests and a new set of costumes \o/
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