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Old 24-02-2009, 05:25 PM
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REIA's article?

Well guys I found out that there is a guy that used to talk to me a lot in the MSN messenger, he ended up making am "article about me" lol after I read it I found it a good reason to post it around here.


Date of Birth: 25th January 1988
Status: Banned
Joined: January 2007
Quit: November 2008
Starter Rank: C
Finish Rank: SSS
Race: CAST
Class: Fortegunner
Height: Small
Parts Color: Blue x White
Skin color: Pale
Hair Color: Silver
Hair Style: Ponytail

General notes:

- REIA wasn't a CAST from the beggining, her name that time was Rei, changed to REIA
as Rei+A that A is the variant of Android. It's unknown which race Rei was. Rumors say
she is a nekomimi (catgirl) before becoming a CAST. She became a CAST for the purpose
of becoming stronger.
- REIA is a common case of a C rank GUARDIAN, who presents to be actually weaker than
an average guardian (B Rank) still it's not a hopeless n00b as a D rank GUARDIAN,
amazingly it's quite a progress that from a C rank who didn't present to be stronger
or smarter than an average, ended up getting the highest rank, the SSS rank.
- Due to her starting point, even if she currently was a SSS rank GUARDIAN, she doesn't
seem to be friendly with other SSS ranks, she mostly goes around with C-S rank GUARDIANS.
There are few exceptions to her anti-elitist attitude to befriend some of this cathegory
that are for some personal purposes, explained in below points.
- Like all SS and SSS rank GUARDIANS she isn't easy to find, she never goes around
universe 2, and lock all her gameplay, only doing solo runs or at much invite her friends.
She just show up in Universe 2 in party events such as Maximun attack G since it's easier
to do them in full parties. Disregarding her way to play the game, she is friendly with
other player and can't avoid ignoring somebody talking to her, but she wasn't a tolerant
type either, the minimal action that makes her feel unconfortable, she blacklisted.
- REIA got all her gear by farming, she never trades. Since AotI she used to say "Maybe
I can't have 10/10 stuff but I will rock you with everything I got". REIA once made 204
Desert Goliath S2 runs due to a bad luck drop rate of a 11* GRM rifle called Rattlesnake.
- She got banned in PSU at November 2008 for mocking the Sega of Japan staff of not thinking
wisely about when they programmed the status formulas for the online mode classes.
- There is a B rank GUARDIAN who impersonificates REIA now, wandering around Universe 2.
This player is not the actual REIA this biography refers to.

Endgame data:

Level 140
Fortegunner 20, Guntecher 10, Ranger 10, Force 3

Phantom 10/10
Mizhurakihoh 8/10
Rattlesnake 7/7
Shigga baret 6/10 x 2
Shigga Desta 10/10
Cubo Mamba 10/10
Needle Cannon 4/10
Meteor Cannon 7/7 x2
Gur Asted 8/10

Storm Line 38% Fire
Storm Line 32% Ice
Storm Line 46% Lightning
Rabol Dunga 35% ground
Storm Line 46% Light
Castest Line 32% dark

Sori / Mind
Lumirus / Kaos Knight
Sleep / Resist
Stun / Resist
Freeze / Resist
Vijeri / Resist
Paradi Cataract

Photon arts:
Fire Ice Lightning Ground Light Dark Mayalee Ultimate
Rifle 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 28
Handguns 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 --
Shotguns 40 40 40 40 40 40 -- --
Lasers 40 40 40 40 40 40 -- --
Crossbow -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 40
Grenade Launcher-- -- -- -- -- -- -- 40

REIA's Gameplay:

- She was getting for Gunmaster class release, but she was banned before that happenning. So
she elaborated a palette of pure gunning, melee weapons wasn't in her dictionary.

- Her weapons palette was
Rifle /
Shotgun /
Laser Cannon /
Twin handguns or Crossbow /
Shotgun /
Laser cannon OR Mizhurakihoh with Killer shot.

- In battle she is a mazochist. Leaving herself damaged down to 150 HP or below
possible to do the biggest damage possible with Yak Zagenga and she didn't dodged TECHNIQUES
she takes a Trimate and tank it for charging her SUV gauge faster.

- She used to do the rifle knockdown then shotgun combo for fast killing in speedruns.

- She stated that shotgun is best weapon against enemies with multiple hitboxes. Due to
spread damage, she once proposed in the Fortegunner forums that Spread Needle is unable
to do spread damage on multiple hitboxes enemies so that's why she doesn't like that weapon.
She also stated that with high level condition shotgun can do more damage than a grenade
launcher, prooved to be true except on dragons because of their spreaded hitboxes making
that grenade launcher is required.

- She was obsessed of having the proper weapon and photon art for the best fitting enemy,
trying to make it die in the less seconds possible. Whenever she founded she needed a weapon
or photon art she lacked, she stayed around a week farming the best weapon or training the
photon art to Level 40.

- She also stated that you shouldn't carry more than the Photon arts and equipment you need
depending the run you do. For more confortable switching when switching PAs or equipments.

- She also stated that Having a Killer Shot (Rifle's ultimate Photon art) at Level 31 gave
more trouble than benefit, so whenever hits 31, she repurchase that 90 PA frags PA and spend
1 day raising it to Level 21, she did that 4 times in her total gameplay.

- Although she was totally smart, she was proud of gunning, she never admited the fact
that Fighter classes were better than gunners, she used to call them "Cheapass 3 Photon Arts
Spamming retards".
Name: REIA - Race: CAST - Gender: Female
Class: Gunmaster - Arcana: Empress
Old 24-02-2009, 05:26 PM
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Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 124
REIA's sociality:

- REIA don't like to go around with SSS rank players, they are very competitive and elitist,
unlike lower ranks, she stated that she only wanted to be stronger than one single player,
not the strongest in the server.

- Instead she goes and talks and don't run to hunt/speedrun with D-A rank players. But she
mostly stay chatting in lobbies when it comes to sociality, the easiest way to contact her
is by mailing, since she talks while she plays, so it's pretty unstable to have her standing
in one lobby for more than 5 minutes and keep chasing her everywhere. And specially when
she's farming that locks down rooms.

- REIA seemed to don't have problem either talking with boys or girls, she seems like a
totally mature person, don't like immature attitudes like kid like reasoning or hardcore
elitism because PSU is just a game she states.

- Appart of PSU, she seems to know pretty lot of both japanese and american entertaiments.
Videogames, TV shows, Animes, Movies, Manga and american comics, she even collect toys
of all kind of franchises as souvenirs from all kind of franchises, for example if we talk
about anime she seems to watch from popular series to not popular, disregarding also the
genre, mecha, shounen, shouhou, hentai, parody or even retarded parody, seems that she never

- Even if she seems sarcastic sometimes, she like people of good alignment, she really is
not fond on doing evil things for real, she stated her favourite fictional character is
Optimus Prime from transformers and hate antiheroic alignment characters.

REIA's relationships:

- REIA consider the people she met in PSU are closer to her than her real life people, in her
real life she is used to travel through states and regions due to her job so she never
formalize a forever relationship in a place, she ends up gathering all her best people
in her MSN messenger, the both she met in real life and the ones she met online.

- She is a passive person, meaning that she doesn't like to search for people to meet, she
thinks that everybody got their lives to take care of, so the simplier, the better. She
only pays attention the ones interested to talk to her, and are not just a few.

- REIA was used to be flirted around PSU, her attitude seems pretty attractive for boys. And
sometimes girls, REIA finds fun to talk to them, instead of just ignoring them. By her side,
she confessed me that she actually is in love with other player but it's impossible for her
to get close to this person. The player's name will be spoiled below if interested. She
don't seem to care to keep the secret since she just states it's just a dream and the chance
is too low to be real.

- She used to keep friendship with those who want to be close to her, and leave them be the
ones that suddenly lost interest in her.

- For people, REIA tended to be an ordinary girl with strong and mature attitude, although
a bit shy and innocent about love, many people depicted her as a PSU version of Hiiragi
Kagami from Lucky Star since even if she doesn't apparent to be the type of girl that like
weirdos, she does although she tries to deny it. She also confessed along with this person
to be a Tsundere, a girl in animes who pretends to be tough and cold but actually feels
something for a certain person but got no courage to face the fact directly.

REIA's important people:

- Although they are online, REIA confessed me (blame my curiosity) about her personal life.
She mets them all in MSN, and real life is just business matters or sports.

- Her family: Her family is used to be in different edges of the world, was a thing of fate.
So she meets them all by MSN, since it's the only way to keep them in contact.

- The fellowship of Ragol.co.uk: Before PSU, REIA was a pro PSO player, she met lot of
people in ragol.co.uk as a different named player, she changed her identity when joined PSU,
still by now people don't know who REIA really was in the past. She says PSO is a past
she wants to leave behind.

PSU players close to her:

- Before she gone to a soloing CAST she used as Rei to form up a 4 A-S rank players members
guild, dedicated in coop item hunting, since none of these 4 used to play often, they
decided to coop to get a shared hunted rares, this fellowship lasted till Rei's account been
hacked and she started as REIA. These members names were Rei, Trae, ShinFZ and Dfang Hyral.
She no longer carries a strong relationship with these players still she keeps them in her

Kit: D rank player. REIA's first friend, This low level player played once a week this game,
she always cheered her up, although she reached up to Level 52 in the same gameplay time
as her, she means a lot to her, she was the one cheering REIA to become the goddess of PSU
while she just laughed and said "knock that out XD" when she was a C rank player. Never got
a chance to meet her again, She misses her.

Amaury: D Rank player. REIA first met him as a hopeless weirdo, but got closer to him due
to his projects and experiments about PSU, weird and not so smart experiments, but it was
a fun she got appart from farming and speedrunning, she says, "When Im bored or sick of this,
I wonder what Amaury is up to?". Told him goodbye before getting banned.

ShinFZ: S Rank player, started up flirting her, but he was a nice guy, wanted to teach around
REIA other strategies and tactics and always gave her a hand in her hard times, although
she never took seriously the fact of her wanting to be his girlfriend, she considers it
a great friend. Still on REIA's MSN messenger, although she week block him when he
gets annoying.

Hrith: SSS rank player. They never seriously met in PSU, but in her PSO life they were great
friends. Hrith doesn't even know REIA's identity since she doesn't want to tell it. They
once worked together in PSU when REIA's performance was same as an A rank player. She don't
want to meet him or he will remind her the time she was a person she used to be and don't
want to even remember.

Trae: A rank player, Although he was a simple SSS rank player wannabe, he got closer to REIA
as a serious friend, trying to help her with her real life problems and attitude, although
they dont seem to act friendly between, they are the case of, they are better that what
they look like. He got banned from PSU, but still is a friend of REIA in the MSN.

Leynas: B rank player. Frequent offline games gamer and anime lover, like to play with REIA
and talk about otaku stuff during runs. Before REIA went to mock the SEGA staff, she handled
all her gear to her. Never met again after that.

Dfang Hyral: A rank player. Close friend of REIA and was the one who helped her to get
knowledge of the basic tactics, ended up being backwards and REIA became the one helping
side. REIA cared a lot for him, sadly he gone emo due to personal life problems and he
blindly Blacklisted REIA. Still REIA don't want to forget about him.

Essen: SS rank player. So far the most important player in PSU to REIA. Her idol and her
reason to become stronger. REIA loves to talk about her, the fact of meeting her was a
miracle, cuz it was all just random and unexpected, and managed to know her when she was
low level, still she allegues that even at Low level shown the performance of a SSS rank
player. REIA was shocked by how awesome she was, not only in game, as person as well.
After her first meet she didn't talk to her in 9 months, cuz she was afraid of how weak she
was as a C rank player to even talk to her, specially about the rumors that she isn't
friendly to ordinary players. Then decided to meet her, Essen seemed to remember her,
started to know each other a bit and after that REIA proposed to be her friend no matter
what. She finally proposed to be stronger to impress her, first times were real failure she
said. But she didn't really seemed dissapointed about her, that gave REIA hopes to try
harder, learn and act. After all that fact REIA realized something, she was in love with her,
and started to understand that she was doing all this just to look at her, but REIA's tough
girl attitude never made her face that fact, shown a courtain of envy towards her. Besides
when she faced it she knew that she actually don't think having a love relationship would
be fine, first they are both females, second she seemed to have another person to look. All
this thinking made REIA reach the conclusion that if at least she can't make her love, at
least she will try to make her happy and become a great friend. Not only she became stronger,
also tried to make her happy when asking stuff she would actually refuse to, like make
her character who was based on armoring and badass mecha shape wear outfits such as CAS-Oyal.
Sadly Essen was banned before REIA finally became what she aimed to, in honor REIA decided
to fullfill what she proposed, and actually became a stronger player than her in our ways to
see things, but to REIA she will still be undefeatable. Her last words she told me before
finally leaving the last time I saw her were "Now that I'm no longer in PSU, I'll try to
look out for Essen and stay at her side, even if she don't like me".
Name: REIA - Race: CAST - Gender: Female
Class: Gunmaster - Arcana: Empress

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