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Old 07-08-2005, 07:26 PM
denryu denryu is offline
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omoa chao

how do i get the omoa chao mag for phantasy star 1 and 2 for the cube im only lv 24 so im still a noob, probabbly........ anyway thx in advance if u choose to reply
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Old 07-08-2005, 10:10 PM
whiteninja whiteninja is offline
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You get a Chao mag by using a Heart of Chao on a mag that has all stats over 35. The Heart of Chao can only be obtained online from rare forms of Rappies in EP2. (There's an Easter, Christmas, and Halloween Rappy, and they can only be found around those times of year.)

Edit: Never mind, that's the wrong Chao mag... you wanted RoboChao... see next post...
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Old 07-08-2005, 10:45 PM
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WhiteNinja, I think she was referring to what they chose to badly translate to 'RoboChao' in the international version (gee, I wonder why...). It was called 'Omo Chao' in the Sonic games, and in the Japanese version of PSO.

So you still need to get a mag cell from a Jack-O'-Lantern which you can get from Hallo Rappies around Halloween in online Temple, but you'd need the Heart of RoboChao instead. Also, for the stats you will need to have at least two stats equal to or exceeding 70, instead of 35+ for all stats.
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Old 09-08-2005, 01:50 PM
denryu denryu is offline
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lol thx i dont think ill be going online anytime soon and by the way im a he not a she lol
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Old 04-12-2019, 12:43 PM
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