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Old 08-08-2010, 10:10 PM
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Requesting experienced GC players

As some of you might not know, someone has been making a new Server software and may include features that ******** server had before, such as a functional /legit command, unlike the one that existed on that server, this new inventory scan actually works without false positives.

The software is working for v1&v2 and so the command now performs a inventory scan, obvioulsy it will scan for hacked or illegit stuff, but it will scan for v1 and v2.
The creator may have the idea to upgrade the software to alow GC players to play, obviously the same set of conditions can't be aplied for GCubers otherwise false positives would apear.
I'm not in the condition to determine what is possible on GC or not, that's why i need your help to determine wich items are legit.
There is only 1 type of legit items, items that are acepted at ******** may be illegit and i need players that are experienced enough to determine wich items are illegit.
It doesn't matter if red ring is aceptable somewhere, since it's a server software it needs the most basic and harsh inventory scanner, then each server decide what conditions need to be removed.
I'm not imposing rules here, you ppl play the way you want, but remember that not everyone likes playing with lvl 110 players with red rings equiped

Let's say quest items, if it's a custom quest then the item is illegit, if there is a way to detect it then it must be included in the checker.

It's a painfull process because it's a scan on nearly each item of the game, i'm not asking for ppl to help the creator now, i'm asking for volunteers, i'm asking for names that in the future will help the creator.

I did my part on v1&v2, but now i need someone expert enough on GC to do possibly the remaining stuff
Why all this concern? it's a feature to prevent hackers or players with illegit items from entering legit games, it's helps newbies alot and keeps games more organized, some players don't want the mess like in ******** server, so if all it takes is a command then it's great

Website: http://sylverant.net/

Post with info: http://dreamcast-talk.com/forum/view...php?f=3&t=2316

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Old 09-08-2010, 11:50 PM
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Hmmm, i dont have a whole lot to lose I might be browsing back here every now and again, im heading off to college and i keep reminising about PSO....however Blue Burst was great with all the new content. But nonetheless, it made me realize how crappy my RAmar was =\ Not to mention all the God/battles and what not, its sad, i dont remember many items anymore I might have to give this a look if i ever want to hook up my GCN, i never did hook it up.....
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Old 10-08-2010, 06:43 PM
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The more ppl the better, i had trouble regarding v2 items and i had to ask around to make sure i was doing it right.
1 person alone can do the majority of the items, but sometimes items can give problems.

thanks btw
Old 10-08-2010, 11:07 PM
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Sure I can help Kireek! I almost all the weapons in pso, and I still play online on the gamecube, well....something I play online, mostly on the weekends.

I'll try to help in anyway I can!
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Old 13-10-2011, 01:58 PM
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Glad to hear it.
Now we wait for the software to have GC support

Sorry to bump this, but i might need some info, the initial support is avaiable for GC players, but not many things are avaiable.
I would request some help (credits will be given) regarding some items.
For example, wich items are currently unobtainable by any means? i know red ring, PGF and the weapon transformations, but wha about other items?

Also, i know on GC you can add % to weapons, my question is, what weapons you cannot add % at all?
What about quest items, i know i can check droped items, but let's imagine i see an item at pso-world or at ragol.co.uk that doesn't have a drop, where would i get the item? from a quest? can you name all undropable items that you can obtain? (such as soul eater and A.F. Pan)

I assume that all undropable items that do not exist in quest (ignore custom quests) are unobtainable.

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