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Old 09-07-2012, 09:22 PM
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Icon10 PSO2 for Europe!

So, I'm sure you've all seen by now, but if not... Good News!!


It'll be out early next year over here in Europe & America. Good times

The official site for it is also online @ PSO2.com
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Old 09-07-2012, 09:56 PM
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Cool website, it only has a few things atm but looks nice.
I am happy, as a gamer that plays free games i might try PSO2.

The only downside might be the updates, they may take more then 6 months compared with the jp version.
I am not saying it will happen, but PSO BB and PSU already suffered from this, so i guess we wait and see if the US and EU aren't neglected.
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Old 10-07-2012, 10:58 PM
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Well hopefully not. As a free to play game you'd hope SEGA put their full effort into it like they did with the original PSO's

Love the trailer too!
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Old 11-07-2012, 02:02 PM
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I felt a tinge of nostalga when I heard!

Any word on how good it is for those who played the JP version?

Tenchi Muyo in love 3
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Old 13-07-2012, 08:13 PM
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I haven't played it unforts... lucky Japanese But from what I've read, It'll definitely bring back memories!
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Old 14-07-2012, 04:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Ria View Post
I felt a tinge of nostalga when I heard!

Any word on how good it is for those who played the JP version?
Hello all, long time no see - hope everyones been doing well..

Regarding pso2 now - i've spent alot of time playing it, since pre-open beta and well, even being entirely in Japanese its been a joy to play, really. Heres my thoughts and quite abit of explaining on the game and its features. I would recommend that if you like pso, you give the Jp version afew levels or hours of playtime.

Menus are smooth and seemless - flow very nicely between each other, even when you dont understand whats really being said in them.

Servers: have been very stable, after the open beta and day one hiccups - even connecting from England when all 10 ships are near max capacity.

Ships: Currently 10 active, with 50+ blocks in each (some premium only), best guesses are each ship can hold a total of 12-13k people connected at once. Unlike psogc/bb each ship is serperate - so you cant use one char to access all of them (annoying, but hey ho :p)

Teams: Teams are back, but are only in a state were you can talk to each other over different blocks (Whisper chats/mails do this already but to one person at a time :p) and have team only games set up.

Gameplay: The 3 hit combo has kind of gone, however the combat system that replaces it is quite the same (For example, you have a '3 hit combo' then instead of it ending, you can continue to attack) - instead of timing the combo for the old 3 button presses, its been replaced with heavy attacks - you'll see if you watch any gameplay video of it.
In addition only forces can cast techs like foie (at the moment anyway), which makes newman hunters lose part of their shine (its the reason i picked a Hunewearl) However the mag casting resta quite often and being able to buy shifta/deband drinks (12.5% boost for 1 min) compensates a little

Stats: You have 9 base stats, which determine everything, broken down into the following:

Hp: Obvious stat is obvious - casts once again have the most, whereas Newmans have the least - males have more then females aswell, in true pso style.
Pp: Replaces tp for forces and used for techs and Pa's - Recovered over time when not holding a charged tech or using a Pa. Newmans restore 10 per second, casts restore 5 per second, humans are 7-8(?). Also recovered using normal combo attacks
Strike attack: Hunters primary damage stat, like atp in psogc but used exclusively for melee based weapons (Melee gunslash attacks and melee rod attacks also use this stat)
Ranged attack: See above, but for rangers, ranged gunslash attacks use this to calculate damage
Tech attack: See above, but for forces
Ability: Still not sure what this does, but what its thought it does is increases the lowest damage you can do if you ability is higher then the mobs (For example, you get a damage range of 30-80 with a sword, with a higher ability stat that can jump to say 70-80).
Strike defence: Same as strike attack, but defence :p
Ranged defence: Same as above
Tech defence: Same as above

You may notice that evade/luck/ata are missing - Weapons that physically hit a mob will always 'hit' and do damage, unlike psogc where they could still miss - same in return if you physically get hit it'd always hit. Luck missing means crit chance is completely unknown at a glance, fun times

Skill trees: A new feature in pso2 - every level up you get +1 skillpoint to put in your skill tree - there is also a quest to get +5 but that isnt until lv30. There are far too may skills to cover, but heres a very handy link to show you the trees for all 3 classes (http://ryuhiroshi.ry.funpic.de/)

Weapons: Currently, the weapon grouping is split up into 3 classes. Hunters have access to Swords/partisans/Wired lances, Rangers have access to Assault rifles (like a mechgun, but one gun) and bazookas (Think nug 2k, but more of them) and forces have access to Rods and talis (Card family from psogc, but more of them) and all classes can use the gunblade/gunslash class (Phantasy star zero version - saber with a secondary gun abilitys). Another five are being added in the fall, my hope is double/twin swords are one of them. Something awesome to note is that there are afew weapons from other pso games already out in Pso2, for example i own a Daylight scar (12star Claw weapon from ep4 ), a talis and a zanba. Soul eater/Yas3k/Photon launcher/Db's saber are all in aswell.

Photon artes: Each weapon group has 6 photon artes, seems to be a split between close-range ones and ranged ones for the hunter weapons (One sword PA spins around in a circle, doing massively increased damage. Another sword PA Fires a circle of energy for increased damage at a decent distance [Much like a link to the past - when you have the master sword at full hearts]). Ranger ones i have no idea about, as i've played a hunter xD

Techs: There are 6 tech groups, split up into Fire/Ice/Lightning/Gale/Light/Dark. Currently the list of techs are as follows.

Fire: Foie/Gifoie/Rafoie/Shifta.
Ice: Barta/Gibarta/Rabarta/Deband
Lightning: Zonde/Gizonde/Razonde/ 'Elzonde'
Gale: None atm - possibly coming in the fall update
Light: Grants/'Gigrants'/Resta/Anti
Dark: None atm - possibly coming in the fall update

Most of them work the same as Psogc, however you have to charge them for full effect, the same way you turned foie into rafoie on Ps0. Also for Elzonde and Gigrants, I'm using the names roughly translated from the Jp wiki. In addition, any class can learn any PA/tech disk given enough base stats. The highest level disks found at the moment are lv10, Pa/techs are the same as psogc, so you dont level them up via using them over and over, you have to find the rare disks

Leveling: Takes alot longer then in previous PSO games (For reference, lv30 exp in pso2 is roughly the same as lv72 and a half in psogc) however there are alot of repeatable client orders to smooth along the grind.

Classes: Any char can be all 3 classes, but the exp you gain playing a hunter doesn't carry over when you change to a force for example - in addition three new classes have been teased at for a fall release in Japan - my hope is one of them is a hunter that can cast techs :/

Graphics: Again very nice - running it on setting 5 anyway, not crysis level but tbh who cares?

Music: Influenced alot by PSO, for example, parts of 'A whole new world' are found in 3 different places and forest is basically a remixed version of the track found in forest on PSO (theres even a part that's a direct rip, just updated)

Sound effects: Almost all of them are from PSO, the freeze effect is the same, teleporting is the same, loading screens between planet and
ship are the same, need i say more? (Oh and the rappy squeeks the same)

So far, its everything i expected and more. Trying to think of it as a completely free game is crazy, even after playing it for so long. I had a friend describe it to me in a nice way 'It has the glamour of PSU, with the soul of PSO' whilst never playing psu, i can agree with it somewhat.

Here be a video from the city in normal mode - it gets a little loud towards the end so, be warned lol http://youtu.be/8p7p_eOjxaw
Currently playing:
Pso2 - ship2: Player ID "dnd"
Lv55 Fighter - Lv50 Hunter - lv38 Gunner - Lv32 Ranger

Currently hunting: Rika's claw (69 Dark Falz kills so far)

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Old 15-07-2012, 06:34 PM
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That video looked very PSU, but after a while it did feel very PSO too, so I see what you mean there dnd.

Basically, it looks & sounds awesome. Can't wait for it to be released!

How did you get into the JP BETA (Just out of interest)?
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