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Old 03-11-2012, 06:50 PM
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PSO v2 > PSO2 Font Style

Another port, this font was actually easier to do than the Lynx font, only required a few changes after the 1st attempt.
After seeing echelon font i quickly made a port of it, but the majority of the font wasn't done, PSO BB barely makes any use of the font, it's mostly for things such as damage values, "HP", "TP", "EXP",.....
This means that a direct port to v2 wouldn't work that well, i asked echelon for the files and while it wasn't exactly what i wanted, the font was partially done, so i took the style and made the remaining letters and symbols.
I don't know if PSO2 uses this font, but it's similar on many aspects, the majority of the font was hand drawn, pixel by pixel.
Since what i got was a file with everything in just 1 layer, i had to extract the numbers somehow, so i used the image and the alpha (since selecting the numbers didn't work well), from that point forward since i was manipulating not only the layers but also the color layers, then i decided to do a .pvr image, wich outputs a superior graphical quality.
This means this is the 2nd font in .pvr available (being the 1st the one made by sega), while the other fonts could have been done in .pvr, i never really felt the need to do it and all due honesty, this one didn't either, it was a matter of preference.

Font has a light cyan color and a thin blue glow, it wasn't made for light backgrounds, if your goal is to read someone's name in the lobby then please pick another font, this font makes names hard to read.
Changed "/" to match the "\"

- Echelon for the original content


Replace the file in

Backup the original if you find necessary




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