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Old 28-09-2010, 11:19 PM
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Hey Team ^^;

Team Ragol.co.uk! i wanna apologise for the lack of myself for a long period of time, its disheartening to have your teams leader disappear on you without a trace, and for that im deeply sorry, but i hope you guys are doing well without me, and i wanna straighten things out.
theres two main reasons im currently not playing. first is that my laptop died on me a long while back, this stopped me playing altogether, as i've no way of getting on. i have currently got myself a new netbook, acquired just recently, problem is it's not gonna be able to run the game. :/ the second reason is that life is incredibly hectic. im in a rut for money to stay afloat with my girlfriend and am working every second i get, but thats prolly of no interest to you.
im currently in the process of trying to download the game onto my netbook anyway. i will try my best to transfer leadership to the most loyal and active member of this team, and should the game work in anyway, then ill try to play when i get the chance
failing that, i will hand out my password, and get the leadership changed that way.
rest assured im rooting for all of you, and havent forgotten about you for a second. i also swear to be back on the game the instant i have the chance, i miss you all too much not to!
i hope you all can forgive me, this one last time :s
Apologies to my fellow ragol.co.uk Teammates, i'm sorry for leaving you leaderless, and even more so for not getting back. but i wish you the best of luck in my absence! i miss you all!

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