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Old 22-04-2010, 06:07 PM
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NOL of the modern days (******** incident)

As you may know, back in the days of PSO ver.1 and ver.2 some ppl got NOLed, this is a transformation that happens on your char, it replaces your current char for another one called NOL, as you may guess this is the lvl 5 (normal difficulty) hunewearl that exists in a quest so obviously ppl didn't want that.

Those days are gone now, but recently something similar is happening on ******** private server, someone is aparently disconnecting "random" chars and transforming them into other chars on the account.
While ******** server doesn't support restorations this is definitely an exeption and affected accounts are beeing restored to the 1st of february, meaning some work will be lost.
At the moment they are trying to take care of the problem, but there isn't a permanent solution to it so be carefull while you are in the lobby.

Chars are beeing transformed into a char named Neo478 (no, Neo478 is not the blame) and a ramarl named Dark Gaia, if you get disconected for no reason and your real chars are gone then contact the ******** staff, give account information and maybe a rollback will be given.

Either wait until this is over/fixed or play knowing that there are conssequences

EDIT: Rollback has been updated to 21th of April.

EDIT: One theory sugests that the hacker somehow got access to account information on the forums by reading your username and password, since some ppl use the same username and the same password in the game then that may be the reason why chars were recreated.
The staff is recomending ppl to change passwords on the forums if they are the same used ingame.
This is not confirmed.


I honestly hate this kind of hacking, it's just plain harmfull hacking as many inocent players are beeing affected.

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