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Old 14-01-2006, 09:34 PM
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Sorry, that wasn't Anti's fault for the double-post, accidently deleted my post while he was making his. Also, I meant Ultimate Desert, not Very Hard =P
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Old 17-01-2006, 09:19 PM
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Originally Posted by A.S.
One Force is hardly enough to support three other plays, RAmarl is an importan addition to the best party you could have in PSO: FOnl, RAml, RAcl, and HUcast. RAmarl is good support, and can do everything, they aren't just the solo character. Two RA, team-wise, is better than two HU. However, that is too general for the best party, it varies on the area.
at least with episode 4, i've been able to support 3 hucasts effectively, even with two of them are zerking (in moderation) after they've iced or confused everything, all while meleeing to get the tp back from all the resta/jzing, etc. It's hardly a problem on all sides and monsters go down quickly.

However, for hitting monsters with specials (notably demons), a RA can make runs go insanely fast. A RAmar with a demon's s-shot makes short work on mosters in parties that have no HUs that rivals the damage output from 3 HUcasts. Otherwise, I'd go with 3 HUcasts for all out killing speed.

Originally Posted by A.S.
As for melee FOnl being in a team, they do damage cancel when attacking leaving Demon's. Demon's is the only satisfiable part of meleeing with FOnl, and Demon's Raygun with 40 hit is the only thing better than Bringer's Rifle + V501, and V501 is not avalible to v3 users. 5-5's FO prize: Double Saber with 50% hit is another melee weapon I would use, only for it's special, though. I can't say Holy Ray is good on FOnl, non-droids can't get the paralysis bonus. V501 will help, but not enough for FOnl to use it efficiently, that is, using it's special. Does anyone else thing meleeing with FOnl is too limited ?
I won't dispute the damage cancel, but it's a must for a few hits if you're going to land special attacks with nns or nss combos. sss combos hit a lot less

holy ray with hit and v501 makes the paralysis special unstoppable in episode 1. a bit more difficult in ep4, but it still makes a difference vs monsters that can't be statused with traps (eg freeze, confuse) and no spread needles are around

I hardly find meleeing with a fonewearl limited, just on the weapons she can use. She can't use a lot of ATP-based weapons that other FOs can use, notably excalibur and s-rank twin, etc, but she can still fight alongside other FOs in an all-FO party and still make a difference with status and demons specials. She can also weld s-mechs, a signature weapon on my FOnewearl. (gib tellusis mag.) Despite a good number of limitations (what class doesn't?), the FOnewearl is still a fun class to play.

Originally Posted by A.S.
... Lieutenant Mantle; the best FO armor, is better.
agreed, at least imo, i can't see my FOnewearl using any other armor. trap vision + ra techs make for happier parties, with the occaisional "FOcast!" call

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Old 18-01-2006, 05:22 PM
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so whats the best ep 1+2 armour for a FO? and BTW, welcome to the forums
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Old 18-01-2006, 05:52 PM
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At the strongest stats:
Aura Field (found, not made - TP drain)
Virus Armor (HP drain? Or is that only the lesser Parasite Wear?)
Luminous Field (HP drain)
DF Field
Smoking Plate (Fonewm only - I actually had one... but traded it, turns out both stats were 2 off max )

Considering that all of these Armors are good, and none have any real advantages except for the rarity and stat drains (as in, you might want HP rather than TP), I would just go for what looks coolest on your character.
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