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Old 29-03-2012, 11:38 PM
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A specific server advertisement

I'll try and keep it simple, most ppl play or know a specific server to play PSO and they often recomend it due to the population, updates,.... that they have.
Well, the server uses a very doubtfull donation management in wich they appeal to ppl to donate and even give incentives such as 2x exp, from very early sometimes they requested donations right after another request, making users question where did the previous donations went.

Now, there is another problem, as you might know you can't sell items for real money, same way you can't buy hacked items, the administration uses a strategy that not only they violate the rules they impose, but also makes me make this topic.
Long short story, crono and zero xd decided to do a scam, they would sell items (gm made) for actual money and use the money for themselves and for that they impersonated broomop, wich is smart because any complain coming from him would fall on def ears, he has a bad reputation and no one would believe him, on top of this, they would ban the user after receiving the money, meaning the user would be unable to complain, topics on forums are easily deleted, gm reports must be aproved (i think) and you're banned in the game.

After some time, some ppl figured out and crono asked zero xd to take the full blame, as stupid as it may be, zero took all the damage and eventually the scam kept going.

So yes, they were banning users that bought the items from themselves.

My point is this, since they scam on the forum, in the game and even use other forums to gain extra money, do the users of ragol.co.uk think it's still ok to able to pronounce the sc******? I'm asking this because i feel that talking about it, recomending it, linking to it,.... is the same as linking to a scam, we are directing users to a place where the admins will use all tactics to extract money from the players, giving the reason "it's to help the server" as an escuse, or if things go wrong they will use other users or the staff itself as cannon fodder.

So putting it simple, should we follow the same rules that PSO-world has? (not in the sense of blocking all server's names but that one in particular)
All opnions are valid and since Lee-Y is here, maybe he should give some input

As a personal note, i have already informed my youtubers of the situation, stating that all the messages containing that server name will be deleted, after that i took some time to delete most comments that advertise the server.

Have fun reading:

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