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Rena, saying the game is horrible is so atypical.

Saying the story is lame is as well. What is horrible about? Damn near the best squad based team play out there. Next to CS Source. More fun than CS. The mantling and duck and cover gameplay allows for inventive ways to outsmart your opponent.

The story delves into that psychological niche of mankind's oncoming destruction from a force we cannot seem to's a damn good shooter. Has a solid story, for a shooter especially, the world and characters are interesting and never make the game boring. Yes, the original with some improvements. That's true. But look at some of the best games of the year for the last two or three years.....Oblivion, RE5, Halo 3, Resistance 2 and Killzone 2. Fallout 3.

None of those are IPS, they are all sequels, and all are hella good. It's judging a game based off the fact that YOU don't like it. I personally really don't like Halo anymore, or COD, but that doesn't mean they aren't good.

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