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pso2 jp - 2013 roadmap, offical

so, this information was updated on the official website about a week ago, but i didn't notice it till the other day, so here it is~ (note: I added some dates for the ones that haven't even been announced yet, however they will be right, unless sega changes the way they've been doing updates)

Lillipa Wonder Caravan scratch with the Lillipa Suit
New Hairstyles
New Accessories
New Lobby Actions
Advance Quest System

Feb 2/28: Vita Version Launches (Walking Together)
New Boss “Chrome Dragon” (PSO2 Vita First)
New Drop Item
New Client Orders
New Interrupt Event
Rare Boss (Added Late March)
More Advance Quests (Added Mid March)
New Emergency Quest
New Item Category (Late March)
Team Room Feature Expansion (Late March)

Spring (Read: April)
Chapter 9: First Farewell (Coming First to PSO2 Vita)
Side Story: Arks Battle Tourney (Coming First to PC)
Fashion Update: Universe Star Collection
White Day Lobby
Fashion Update (Late March)
Event Lobby (Late March)

Sublime Guardian Update (Read: May)
Class Level 60
New Field
New Boss
New Enemies
Fashion Update
Event Lobby

Phantasmal Tower Update: (Read: June - also holycrap please be PW4 but for pso2)
New Advance Quest
New Quest Type
Fashion Update
Event Lobby

1 Year Anniversary Update: (Read - July)
Collaboration Enemy
1 Year Anniversary Quest
Fashion Update
Event Lobby
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