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Photoshop Lineart: The poo fly way! (warning: lots of pictures!)

Heya all, As i was going to show pink how i would go about creating lineart from a sketch, and a coloured picture, i thought it might be better to give it a thread of its own, instead of cluttering up pink's lovely one :p

so, here goes...

(Note: i Use adobephotoshop 6, things might be a little different in other versions, but it should still be roughly the same)

Creating Lineart From an uncoloured Sketch:

1: Scan in your sketch, if possible, set it to 300DPI (dots per inch) and the mode to Grayscale, this will make the scan fairly big, and keep it black and white, so no random colours sneak in.

2: If need be, rotate, or adjust your sketch to get it the right way up, then select Adjust > Mode > RGB colour. this will allow you to use colours on your picture again, as it was set to grayscale before.

3: Adjust the levels (shortcut: CTRL + L ) this will help clean up the sketch for the next step, and darken your image making your grey pencil/pen lines closer to a true black. Level adjusting is quite tricky to get the hang of, so i hope this picture helps.

have a play around with it, it'll click before long ;p

4: from here, take the eraser tool (shortcut: E) and clean up any stray lines and smudges until you are happy with it, this is my least favourite area of digital art, but themore time spent at it, the better your overall picture will look. You should now have a nice clean sketch, on your background layer in RGB mode. like so:

5: Now head over to the bottom right pallette, and click the tab marked Channels, and click the small dotted circle icon:

This will select all the white areas on your sketch:

6: Now press SHIFT + CTRL + I This will instead select all of the black pixels of the sketch:

7: Reclick the layer tab in the bottom right pallette, next to channels. Create a New layer ( shortcut: SHIFT + CTRL + N ) and name it lineart, or something to that effect. and keep this layer selected.

8: Set your Foreground colour to black (shortcut: D ) :

And press ALT + BACKSPACE , this will fill in the selected area black, onto the new, lineart layer, effectively taking the white out.
Select the marquee tool (shortcut: M) and click on your picture to deselect the selection.

9: Select the original background layer, in the bottom right pallette, then right click it, and delete it.
you should be left with something like this:

10: Create a new layer, the name is not important. then select LAYER > NEW > BACKGROUND FROM LAYER. this will turn your blank layer into a background layer instead.
this leaves you with white on the bottom layer, your lines on the top and your lines seperate on top! like this:

11: now you can create additional layers between the background, and linart, in which to colour your picture and never have to worry about going over your lineart!

This is how i would go about cleaning and setting up one of my sketches to colour, if i was to go about working the lineart for a picture that has been previously coloured, the above method would be void. and i would do it using vector art, and the pen tool ( shortcut: P)
This is also the best way to clean up a picture, so can be used ona plain sketch and will leave NO stay marks or smudges,but it takes a lot more time and effort than the above method.
I will post up a Vector art/Digital inking tutorial in the next few days, as this one's taken long enough :p

PHEW! i hope you are able to make sense of that! please post up any questions about it, or point out any errors i have made, and hopefully the second tutorial will follow soon
Apologies to my fellow Teammates, i'm sorry for leaving you leaderless, and even more so for not getting back. but i wish you the best of luck in my absence! i miss you all!

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