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Sony had theirs yesterday, today is Nintendo's, with Microsoft's shortly afterwards.

Originally Posted by MCV
Final PS3 joypad unveiled
09:30, May 9th by Ben Parfitt

Sony’s ill-received boomerang PS3 controller has been consigned to the history books, and in its place has emerged a remake of the familiar Dualshock with integrated motion sensing technology.

As well as being wireless and sporting two triggers where the L2 and R2 buttons used to sit, integrated six-axis movement sensing will allow gamers to control the action by simply moving their pads.

The tilting angle of the joysticks has also been increased, and the pad now boasts a central button sporting a PlayStation logo, which is presumed will access menu functions on the final console.

However, in the process of being upgraded the Dualshock has lost its vibrating function, with Sony claiming that the feature clashed with the new motion sensing technology.

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