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'Soul of a Blacksmith' Questions

Due to the occasional SoaB thread we have coming in, duplicating other threads, I've decided to create a questions thread instead of all the other threads being made. If you have a question about this quest, ask it, and you will likely get your answer fairly quickly. This will be the official thread for asking questions about this quest and getting the answers for them. Also, please ask your question(s) clearly to yield the best answer.

Once you have received your answer(s), I will ask you to place the Q&A into this format for other users' quick use (no searching all around thread for the question they are wanting to ask):

Q: Question asked here.

A: Answer to question here.

This will require the user to edit their posts to change it to this (^) type format, but that's not hard at all. Simply hit the 'Edit' button on the respective post.

I hope this will be helpful, and thank you all. Remember this is for all of your benefit.

MODERATOR/ADMIN NOTE: If any other 'Soul of a Blacksmith' type threads are created, please delete/close them and redirect the user to this one. Thanks.

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