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Bots are usually easy to detect, the infor that they give such as username, email, ip and usually the "wich PSO do you play" pretty much gives them away, especially because they all have similar info.

Sylverant ins't that much populated, but pretty much all v2 players moved there as ******** server had no one that actually cared.
Mostly empty and may have 4-8 when games are arranged.
Still, there are plenty of guild cards beeing made every week, the guild cards start at 10000 and i have seen ppl with GC# at 12000, meaning 2000 different players, but most play and quit afterwards.
I still do a few skins for the game, but it's nothing major.

There are more users that come here, but it's very, very rare.
I usually open up a group of websites on firefox by default, this is one of them, only takes me 10 seconds to see if anything new is around and if there is a new bot i can ban.