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Originally Posted by Mirinee View Post
53 Do you have friends who play PSO IRL?
54 Which is the cutest rappy?
55 Does FOmar wear a dress or robe?
56 What's good about Naruto?
57 Would you get a DS to play PS0 when it comes out later this year?

(Sorry, Emelious. Didn't know when you were talking about yourself /your PSO characters. I think that's how I got confused.)
53. I did but then my xbox died. gamecube one has a tendency to get all the data corrupted.
54. pal or al. don't know.'s either a dress or a robe with an invisible belt.
56. kyuubi, Neji, the cool abilities, Gaara, Naruto himself, the fights, the storyline and Jiraiya. characters chosen for A. cool abilities B coolness or C funniness.
57. no sorry. other than PSO I've heard of nothing I'd actually want to play on the DS.
RIP nomercy.
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