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Okay... I'm having some problems with this, and any help would be appreciated.

First, I went to the command list and did the ipconfig/all thing and got the IP address and subnet mask. (I blanked out the number.)

Then I put that in the Internet Protocol thing after changing it to manually get an IP Address. After I did this, my broadband internet stopped working though until I put it back to automatically get an IP address (I set it back after trying all of this). Should that happen?

Then, I made a network info thing on my memory card (I had not yet made one) and changed nothing from the default except the Proxy Server Address and Proxy Server Port.

Then I started to run PSOProxy.

Finally I went to the "Website" option on the main PSO menu and I waited a while for it to request the DCHP......... *elevator music*..... Then I got that error that you see, and PSO Proxy didn't do anything with the snapshot on the memory card in slot B. (The network info card (the card that has Ganondorf on it) was in slot A.) Nor did it do anything to the snapshot on the memory card in slot A.

So, what'd I do wrong? This seems like the same problem Junon had, but I'm not sure about what Omar was saying to do to fix it. I later tried everything else again, except I also changed the GC's network data to manually get the IP address, then entered in the one I got from the ipconfig/all, and when I clicked "Next" it told me that some of the other data was incorrect...
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