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And now to continue my adventure.I went back to my farm so I could cook up some food for my wife and kid, so I went in the kitchen and made some Curry for everyone and of course they LOVED it! and so off I went to the barn and chicken coop to feed my cute little guys.My animals loves me of course, they are always giving me S milk hehe.I had some free time on my hands so I went to the our little village and who did I saw walking toward me? Why it was Hugh the little teenager who always got a bandage on him.

"Hey there Hugh!" I said to him and he just talking about some strange beast in the words.....he proboly meant in the woods, but that alright and so I went to the Daryl place and he was doing an experiment in his little lab/house, the last time he did this he ended in failure and so I ran out of the house. I saw Gustafa playing his little song so I went over there and sang a song with him of course all we said was "lalalalala lululululu" but that was ok.

He stopped playing after awhile so I thought I go to the waterfall, its always pretty there.By the time I got there Marlin was already there hitting on Flona because he REALLY REALLY thinks he popular with the ladies, and so I came to him and said " hey buddy what you doing" ".....not you again" I'm kind of busy right now, can we talk later?" he said in a rude voice. But as he turned to Flona she was already gone."Look what you did! She ran away because of you" he said with an angry voice'I'm sorry" And so he turned around to go home,hehehe and so I went to his face and just stared at him. "Eh eh eh what you doing? MOVE" he said. And so he push me all the way to his house. But then it looked like he wasn't going to his house but he was going to the bar. "Eh eh mooooove" he said with an annoyed voice "hehehe but this is funny" I said.And so he punch me in the stomach (by the way, he is pretty buff) and I just laid there for an hour or so
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