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PSO 2 hacked

Yes, there have been ppl cheating here and there, broomop is an example, but very recently someone or a group of ppl decided to go further and made all npcs in the game room unaccessible by making them float in the air (Ship02), since you can never jump that high then you can never talk to them.

Sega already said to be investigating the issue and that no personal info was stolen.
They even state that the users that caused this speaked english and that they were expression their hate because PSO2 doesn't have global servers.

Some japanese players decided to make some chat avaiable to the public, wich may help identify who was the blame

If you saw this issue and know who did it, or if you saw other infractions then you can report the users here.

Originally Posted by sega
We are aware of certain block in Ship 2 having NPC maliciously misplaced, and are working on a counter measure, we apologize for the inconvience

We are still investigating the NPC positon change, there is no threat to your ingame data or personal information, please don't worry.

PSA on Malicious Account activity
75 Account have been banned since 06/21~07/12 due to RMT, or other Term of Service violation, Sega takes these violation very seriously, and will deal with them strictly.


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