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Glad to hear it.
Now we wait for the software to have GC support

Sorry to bump this, but i might need some info, the initial support is avaiable for GC players, but not many things are avaiable.
I would request some help (credits will be given) regarding some items.
For example, wich items are currently unobtainable by any means? i know red ring, PGF and the weapon transformations, but wha about other items?

Also, i know on GC you can add % to weapons, my question is, what weapons you cannot add % at all?
What about quest items, i know i can check droped items, but let's imagine i see an item at pso-world or at that doesn't have a drop, where would i get the item? from a quest? can you name all undropable items that you can obtain? (such as soul eater and A.F. Pan)

I assume that all undropable items that do not exist in quest (ignore custom quests) are unobtainable.