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This game is totally worth it online. Most fun I've had in an MMORPG, I believe. (Offline PSO doesn't count! No people to interract with! :/) The gameplay is pretty fun... you can select whatever weapon types to use based on your playstyle. For example, those who like to play rangers have "stationary" weapons, such as shotgun or rifles, but there are weapons that allow you to fire while using them (I favor these), like Crossbows, Pistols, Twin Pistols, etc.

If you're the type that likes to put in time to get something rewarding in the game, the Ranger or Forces variants availble in the game may interest you, with the way Photon Arts work. Technics and Bullet skills typically take a LOT of time to become powerful, but it's very very fun once you get a few skills up to high power. Hunter classes are a lot of fun as well, as the Photon Art Skills (special attacks, I guess you'd say) level up fairly quickly compared to Bullets and Techs. However, it's more equipment-based, as you can have your character turn from a solid damager (with a 10% elemental weapon, you'll learn more about this as you play) to an absolute powerhouse (35%-50% weapons are simply amazing)!
I am not sure if you've played offline or what, but I find the who way the game works, in leveling up skills, getting lucky or very unlucky with synthesis through your Partner Machinery which you must ALSO level up, attacking missions with different party setups, or solo, even... I haven't run out of challenges yet, and look at my level! (The limit's 80 at the moment.) I find this game to be very worth the 10 dollar monthly fee! I wish I could take a gameplay vid for you if you were interested in seeing how the different classes opperate, but I don't know where I'd get a program like that. :x

Nice to meet you by the way; I'm fairly new here.

EDIT: Didn't read that you played WoW. I did, too, for about a year and a half total, with 3 60's, my mage decked out in BWL gear, etc etc., so I can relate the two games. Whereas everything is kinda handed to you in WoW (skill points on level up, for example), in PSU you kind of have to work to get powerful... thanks to the Photon Art system. Plus, I like not having to commit a few nights a week to raiding, and having to listen to the same 40 people night in and night out on Ventrillo, and yelling at the other Mages to stop overnuking, etc. This game is much more laid back and can be very fun! One of the biggest draws to this game, for me, was the thought that you can pretty much log in for a half an hour and find a party, finish a mission or two, and then go on about your day if you wish. None of this looking for group, or asking your guild for help hassle that many WoW players encounter... Overall, even in its unfinished state, I think it's just a more fun game, period. Or maybe I'm just burnt out on WoW completely, lol.

Double edit: I am on PC, and the only lag I experience is on my end, 'cause my ISP can turn bad sometimes.

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