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Is this worth playing online?

Long time since I last posted here... Greetings to those that remember me :p

My topic's title says it. Is this game enjoyable online for the PC version? I'm considering PSOBB as a model. I had a lvl 160 or so HUcast and despite the fun I had, I quit BB because I got sick of Sega's useless PR, incapable security system, random server crashes/lag spikes and how EU/US players were neglected when compared to JP.

I've tried reading several different reviews and forums, but they either range from 3 to 9 (10 max) or I find completly opposite comments...

Would like some opinions on the PC version of PSU, I'm playing WoW atm but I'm looking for a change, and a PS- game would be my first choice because of the community here.
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