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Call of Mortality

Octobers update deserves a flashy title, because, wow, its like, huge....


Lv50 level cap (No more exp full for awhile, yay)
Very hard mode unlocked + 'rare' boss spawns only on this difficulty (King vardha, oh boy)
2 new PA's per weapon class, 1 new tech per element
Many, many new weapons added (more on this below)
New field called 'Darkers Den' and no, its not psogc/bb ruins (Boooo) think PSZ ruins
Tons new costumes, but nothing new there
Halloween lobby and possibly halo rappys aswell (like in summer)
Subclasses! (more below aswell)

New weapons:
Well, the first 10 star rare weapons and 6(?) star common weapons are being added some point during October, alot of old weapons are being put in, at some point, they include.

Demo comet, imperial pick, Berdysh, guld milla, Yas 9k, Frozen shooter, Mahu, Demonic fork, cadacus, Prophets of Motav, Elysion, Sting tip, Silence claw, Girasole, windmill and L&K 14 combats.

Most retain their old weapon classes, however some appear grouped with others (Frozen shooter for one - assault rifle)... sad to say, but the demo comet was my first ult mode pso drop and I can only imagine how awesome it will be in pso2 - I will be buying/finding one asap x_x


Probably the biggest part of the update and the main update I've been looking forward to since the game launched...

To keep it simple - the subclass system allows you to effectively be two classes at once. You can use the subclass’ photon arts, technics, and skills but there’s a catch. You can only use your main class’ weapon categories.

In addition to this, whatever subclass you pick provides 20% of its base stats as a boost to your main class (excluding pp?). Which to be fair, isnt a great deal in terms of overall boosts, as seen below: (bare in mind, im running 1388 s-atk at max and that's with a weakish weapon, meh ability's and ofc, newman base atp)

Imo, the biggest advantage to the whole subclass thing is enabling non-force classes to cast techs. For sure i will be a fighter main class, with the techer sub-class, for quite a simple and effective reason...

Infinite shifta for fighter for soloing - instead of just 5 per run (items), in addition, techers can get up to a 10% boost (29% atp rise, iirc) and up to 10% crit buff for shifta. The same for deband (But 10% flat damage reduction, instead of the crit buff) - restas to save on items during exceedingly damage heavy boss fights (And they will heal alot, hail newman mst \o/).

Personally, i cant wait for this to happen, the only other update im hyped for is the dark falz update, comming soon(tm)
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