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Not to worry, I actually got the downloader working yesterday - turns out the problem was much deeper than 1st thought! Aparently I haven't had Windows Firewall or Windows Update working for the last year After spending 6 hours on the internet to get it to work they're both working again now, my computer is once again up-to-date and protected, and I can download the 21,000+ updates to PSO2!!! This might take a while... lol

After finally getting my computer to run the game, I have at last played PSO 2! Woohoo!

It's AWESOME! And of course, very PSO-like. The only problem is I have no clue what's going on or where I go after completing the tutorial lol! Oh ell, something to work out next time I think, hehe!

If anyone is still online, I've joined Ship 2 - Aparently that's where the majority of English speaking folk are?

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