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Originally Posted by Lee-yoshi View Post
Nice to see them sticking with their PSO ways and always doing something for every time of the year :-)
Until the white day holiday and that annoying wedding march music blasting out in every lobby, I agree (Note: The white day holiday lobby has already been revealed, and given pso2's seasonal lobby music has matched pso1&2's holiday for holiday, it wont be a huge shocker if it is wedding march)

Originally Posted by Lee-yoshi View Post
Plus, the darkers den looks & sounds amazing. Hope all this stuff does make it to PSO2 EU.
It truly is amazing, honestly. Since pre-open beta, even, it had to of been the most fun hour I've spent on this game. IF they release pso2 EU then the darker den (And all this other fine content) should be released, otherwise its a huge let-down already

The information for part two of the update should be being revealed soon, or next week sometime, but for now, Heres a picture of the games producer trying out the AR on the vita. Oh my....
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