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Well, oddly enough PSO GC seems to have plenty of softwares when it comes to servers, it's like a "must have" for many servers, even for PSO v2 (pc and dreamcast) servers.

If you need help building your own server you can always check l33tserv and sylverant, the last one main goal isn't GC, but the server supports GC players, as for l33tserv, main goal is GC PSO and seems popular i guess.
Both of these servers have an admin who builded the software, they are different but the end result seems to be the same.

There are a nice group of players on a server called izakaya, i pretty much used the numbers in this server to verify the population and i noticed it droped heavilly considering it had +60 players a few months ago now it's 20ish and many suffer from connect problems due to somekind of server change.
If you're interested, izakaya population is 99% japanese, so it's the main reason why other players picked up l33tserv for example, it feels alot better beeing able to understand other players.

Welcome to, we aren't all that active, but we are still intersted in the PS franchise and PSO GC was indeed a good game.
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