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Originally Posted by Mirinee View Post
18. Sorry, I'm usually more observant than that, honest...
25. Why, thank you for deciding not to eat me. *Glares at Emelious*

31 Do you look like the monster from engle?
32 Do you think Emelious looks like the person in her avatar IRL?
33 Have you played any older Phantasy Star games?
34 Which gaming platforms do you own?
35 Favourite video games?
36 Still at school?
37 What do you want to be?
31. honestly I don't really know what it is XD. I saw the picture and thought it looked cool. and don't worry it's not copyrighted.
32. EMELIOUS IS A GIRL!?!?!?!?!?!?! O_o (and no. wish I looked like the person in my avatar though)
34. nintendo 64, gameboy advance, xbox 360, playstation, gamecube, nintende wii and SNES.
35. in terms of sheer amount of times I've beaten it Fable. however my favorite is either legend of zelda twilight princess or ocarina of time. I actually got an idea for a new version of the latter I might want to try my hand at one day.
36. yes and no. I'm homeschooled.
37. in the realms of reality either a computer programmer, a video game maker or a journalist. in tearms of fantasy this creature I made up which is pretty much invincible.(PM me for an explanation of the creature.)
RIP nomercy.

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