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Originally Posted by K_I_R_E_E_K View Post
26 - Do you think PSO BB is a balanced game?
27 - Why do you think a ramar has more health then a humar when the ramar is the ranged attack char?
28 - How much time (total time) have you wasted on PSO?
29 - What happened to Michael jackson in your opinion? murder or accident?
30 - Who do you like more, Michael jackson or the ragol members?

26.yes. while some characters may seem better than others they can still be beaten in a PVP. good luck doing that with a wizard and fighter in D&D 3.5
27. hmm. maybe one of the designers wwanted their favorite class to have a lot of health? RAcast also has more health than the HUcast which to me seems counter-intuitive.
28. at least 500 hours. difnitely under a thousand though.
29. I don't know what happened to michael Jackson really. I've really only ever cared when two people who to some aren't even celebrities died. (Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson) however that's probably because I've never listened to any of his songs. also in my opinion celebrities lives are worth no more than our own. we're all human
30. due to 29 you guys. although I don't think knowing a lot about him would change the answer.
RIP nomercy.

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