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Oh no, PSO PC is a port from PSO ver.2 dreamcast, that version only has ep1.

Well, PSO BB is phantasy star online blue burst, it was originaly lauched as a download and you could play the game but you would need a server for it, resuming out of all the other games, phantasy star online blue burst was the 1st and only that was online only, you no longer store char and items on memory cards, you store them on a server, this may also be a problem, if the server is down you can't play the game until it's back up.

Since it was a online game, any mods or upgrades would be done easily so after a while sonic team lauched ep4 to be added to the game.

At ******** server you need to make an account and download the game, after that you enter the game, type the name and pass and your set to go online and play.

So yeah, PSO BB has more items, areas, bosses and stuff to see.
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