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To download the game?

Hi again, i'm an old user and PSO ep. I & II player, but I was a long time off, lo, luckily I still remembered the url and my account. ^^

I stopped playing because since 2006 i've got less time so I sold my gamecube with everything (from time to time I still regret having sold my memory card with my PSO characters, you know, that million hours of playing lost x0).

However, a while ago a University friend told me he was planning to play PSO on vacations, I jumped of my seat "Count me in!". Now I was looking where to download the game for pc but i can't find it.

I know you guys will know. Thanks in advance.

PS: "You last visited: 06-01-2006 at 10:59 PM" LOL
Sorry for my bad english

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