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Leaving or Returning? Post Here!

Due to the massive amount of threads involving members leaving and returning off and on, I've partly taken my own and whiteninja's advice and created a thread specifically for people departing and returning. This can be used for announcing you're leaving on holiday, etc.; or for announcing that you've just arrived back from some type of extended absence. Please be responsible and use this thread for its intended purpose. I will be closing all current active threads regarding members leaving/returning, and you are all welcome to continue to post about them in this thread. Thanks, and enjoy!


1. If any other threads involving members leaving and returning are posted, please close/delete them and direct the member here.

2. Spamming/Flaming will not be tolerated, just like the rest of the forums; please warn the member if such an offense occurs.

3. Other members may bid goodbye or hello to their fellow members; but I advise each of you to heed the forum rules.

Feel free to add/delete as necessary.

Double Edge

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