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Online Meetings/Games

Hey everyone. I have recently, and by recently I mean just moments ago, installed the UT 2004 patch, so I can now play it online well with my new high-speed Internet connection. Thus, if anyone (Serpent7..) wishes to play with me, just post in this thread! I'm also playing much Counter-Strike: Source right now, so if anyone wanted to meet for a game, just post here!

Now, the actual purpose of this thread is for all of you gamers out there, who play games on the PC, to arrange online meetings and to play games with each other competitively or just for fun! This is similar to the forum created for PSO meetings online; but, of course, is for all games Personal Computer. So, if you want to arrange a game with someone else on these forums, you know where to post now. Thanks everyone, and have fun!!

Double Edge
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