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Originally Posted by Jimbo1990 View Post
59.who would be the last person you'd want to be stuck in a lift with
60.what would be the last pso tune you'd like to hear before you die
61.which is better stratocaster or telecaster
62.would you like to join me and my mate in a trip across Asia? (we are planning to do it next year and your more than welcome to join us pm for details)
59. her name is Elizabath.
60. I think it's called "Idola have the divine feather" or some such.
61. just going to go out on a limb and say "stratocaster." I don't think I have either.
62. you see I'd LIKE to but there's a problem. A. I'm not old enough. B. there's a thing called parents and mine are paranoid about everybody on the interaweb. I also imagine they wouldn't be too thrilled about me going on a trip across Asia. have fun though.

edit. addendum to 59. this kid's name is Mitchell. most depraved teenager I've ever met. there are people who leave a bad taste in your mouth and then there's this kid.
RIP nomercy.

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