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The last game I played was Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. Well i woke up at 4:55 AM and so I went outside to feed my cows and to and to milk them,once I did that I went to my chicken coop and I feed them, of course they didn't give me eggs since they were kind of mad at me for not feeding them regulary, its not my fault I just forgot....well I talked to my wife and made some breakfast, of course she liked know, im a MASTER cook.

Well it was time for me to go take a walk and then I saw Marlin of course he was saying eh eh eh to me and so I walked up to him and just stared at him and he was just pushing me all the way to the bar and so I joined him at the bar, once we got inside I saw the Bum there (forgot his name) of course he was evil and so I ran outside and lefted Marlin in there alone. And so I was back outside again, I decided to go check what was Tim was doing and so I went in his inn.

As i enterd I saw Van and Tim talking about some Diet Van was on...he was excersising everyday, then he said "bring lots of ice cream to celebrate!" and so I said " there goes the diet" then suddenly a sad song played and he walked outside slowly and he was soooo sad.I was so ashamed of myself! I made Van sad! But i knew i did the right thing,and so I went home and took a bath...yep......i was bored....yep
yes, im cool
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