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Petition for the Nintendo DS to get a Christmas 2004 Release (In Europe)!

I've heard of these online petitions thingys before and only ever signed one once, but now the PAL gamers have decided Ninty have gone to far with all us European and Australian gamers who have to put up with second best and wait ages after games software and hardwares initial release until it's released in PAL form. The Nintendo DS is just another example of how we have to wait until Late Spring 2005 while America and Japan enjoy rubbing it our faces from before christmas.

A petition has been set up online quoting the following which will also be sent to Nintendo of Europe most probabily soon!

"Dear Nintendo of Europe,

We are all positively shocked, and full of joy, after seeing the Nintendo DS for the first time. It is even greater to see it action than to hear about its many functions. At the Electronic Entertainment Expedition, it was announced to arrive in Japan and the USA this year, and in Europe and Australia in 2005. We all believe it will be better for all the fans waiting restlessly, and for Nintendo, to release the Nintendo Dual Screen for Christmas 2004. It should double sales if released at Christmas, and we would be much happier getting it as soon as possible. We all canít wait for it, and I hope you consider our petition seriously."

It's polite, but hopefully all the signatures get the message through. Over 400 already, and wasn't set up long ago!!!

Go sign, maybe they'll listen, it can't hurt!

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