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I don't want to get to technical on the matter, but the 3 main reasons were something like this:
- server didn't need donations to be kept running, but they asked for them nontheless
- they sold items for cash if the administration was contacted privately, these items couldn't be traded and public questions would be dismissed as "we don't sell items, you can't ask for them, no we don't have a donation for item program"
- the strategy they developed to ban certain users who bought items for cash on other websites, the admins would mask themselves as other users, would sell items just like the others, they would identify who the player was, they would collect the money and then afterwards they would ban the user using the pretext "buying from hackers or other users isn't allowed"

I personally tought that sugesting the server wasn't to have these things happening, so i talked to lee and he censored the server name.

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