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Welcome back. With the expansion out, and 1Up long gone (the rewards rolled in this Friday, which is awesome. +15% Synth, Free Makeovers... You might even be able to snag a Twin Flour. Bulb board in your Common Box) there's not really a better time to pick up PSU again. I have a couple of alts that could help you out if you're starting over. Look up my shop (still open despite Ambition being out!) sometime.
Baruk: Lvl 85 Male Human Fighgunner 15.
Amielle: Lvl 24 Female Newman Protranser 4.
Newest Synth: Sweet Deathic! ... 14% Light.
A keyboard is now mine. Fear my fast-typing skills. I play the PS2 version of PSU.
I live in the UK, meaning my timezone's GMT.
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