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S rank weapons/boards drop zones for AOI

Yup! Weapons, sometimes element % included, no boards (well sometimes).

I'm about to make a list where you can find those S rank weapons: But my memory is harder to create than a fish so I'll need you guys to post so I edit here.

For now we start with S rank 10* Yohmei Daggers:

Sakura Blast S: Kugo Hot Springs (Neudaiz)

Later there is a secret Tylor fight, the witness said he appears as rare enemy in the rogue quest at the oasis if you are AoI:

It drops a 11* GRM Saber Board called [B]Blackheart

Later in my achievements are two Dori Boards 10* GRM mag

First one found at Awoken Serpent S (De Rol Le drop)

Second at White Beast S (Mission clear boxes)

I'll keep you updated if finding more stuff. I can hardly trust PSOW drop list most are said the drop locations are fake >_>
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