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Call of mortality part 2 launches on the 24th of October, with a whole feast of new features and additions! hazzah!

Very hard mode unlocked for tundra/mines and floating continent
Rare versions of the bosses also added, with some mobs getting rare versions aswell (Signoblues! )
New rare items (More oldschool pso weapons being added, for sure) and the rest of the PA's that weren't added in part 1 (The 5th ice/light tech and the second of the new weapon PA's)
Halloween lobbys and Latan rappys (Read: halo rappys)
Tons more assorted costumes, mostly Halloween based of course.
New interrupt event called 'Trick or treat'
Tons of new campaigns, with various rewards (Good ones at that)

Now for some pics!

Latan rappy!

The female Halloween costume:

The male Halloween costume:

Now ill be off to continue the hunt for a demo comet - only 3 have been found on ship7 so far, i like those odds :o
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