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Originally Posted by K_I_R_E_E_K View Post
I guess sega didn't expect ppl to lvl up so fast, still the xp curve will be changed to distribute the exp for all levels.

Kinda reminds me in PSO GC the last 2 levels.
They brought forward the lv50/very hard expansion because of people Leveling up 'too fast' - I played it quite abit but only hit max lv in one class before the new cap increase, I don't see segas stance on this, but then I guess there were alot of people playing pso2 almost... too much?

Regardless, the new EXP curve fits in much better with what the games actually giving you, whilst slowing down Leveling somewhat (But not to the point of never leveling up again ). Although I say that I saw a lv47 ranger today which is just insane, bearing in mind its at least 22,090,000 exp to hit lv47 and i myself have a mere 1.8 million

At the moment only forest/cave/desert have very-hard quests enabled, i assume the others will come within afew weeks and the new field (Darkers den/ruins) is actually being released in November, so my bad on that ^_^;
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