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yasminkov 7000v- I've already got purplenum for that

yasminkov 3000r- very good ranger weapon only from greenil

yasminkov 2000h- I've already got purplenum for that

Ruby bullet- you can find this with many other id's

Red scorpio- I've already got that (easy find with viridia)

Angel harp- I'm currently hunting that with skyly (easier pal rappy drop)

Holy ray- Easier find with Bluefull

Guld- easier find with whitill (I've already got whitill)

Maser beam- I've already got purplenum for that

Frozen shooter- I've already got purplenum for that

Only one of those weapons I wouldn't be able to get without greenil. With bluefull I could have the easiest drop rate for heaven's punisher (yeah right) and get the holy ray easier.

Going once.... going twice... sold to....


Now it comes down to which class do I want Fonewearl or Hunewearl? Currently I have Humar, Ramar, Ramarl, Fomar, Fonewn, Hucast, and I'm going to make a Racast.
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