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Originally Posted by jarl
god hand by far

god hand is a very uncommon item normally. getting it from this seems like a good idea, because it is easier and it is also more liekyl to get hit%. (3 out of 4 SoB weapons have had gd hit for me).
technical crozier sucks for the wrk you do. i mean, barta lvl 4? w00t....
suppressed gun looks very cool, but when it comes down to it isnt actually that powerful, unlike god hand which has large amounts of power, and also the boost to everything (esp. luck) is very useful.

in short, god hand pwns.
I must wholeheartedly disagree with you. my reason is that although the G hand (I don't say the word God unless i'm talking about him.) is good it is basically a saber. I think there is no point in getting a close range weapon that can only hit 3 times. I have a demolition comet that is much better. If you want a good weapon get the demolition comet or just about any good double saber. I think if you are a hunter that doesn't have much chance to get a special gun get the suppresed gun. If you are the redria section ID then you can get a demo comet from a mil lily. The G hand sounds good in theory but is terrible in practice.