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I wasn't sure what you meant by "Support". You're talking about the technical support forum? I haven't really ever kept up with that area, it's a forum I generally don't look at since I can't help them troubleshoot their PC issues anyways. I thought by "Support" you meant how many people were still playing on it.

For Antihack, there's been some complaints but not nearly to the degree I expected. I'm surprised at just how tame it's actually been.

I'm not asking you to change blog entries nor am I defending anything that has been done on the server. I'm simply saying that I am surprised that the player population hasn't suffered any noticeable blows from recent news.

You edited your post since I last saw it, so I'll edit a little as well.

For real life money, this is really something that there is little room for debate on.

Anyone guilty of a scam should be held accountable for it. There's no denying that to scam others is wrong.

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