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From what I've seen, support for the server hasn't drastically decreased, it's actually increased.
Really? The last staff member that posted on the support section was lee and crono, because after this incident topics left unsolved are the majority in the support section, some of them are related to the new updates and how they can't play.
One player was even banned because the staff decided to ban him after seeing that he was detected with hacks of some sort, i believe you know that the new recent antihack.dll actually tags several programs as "potential hacking tools" suchs as media players, image editors, menssaging programs.
When the user questioned crono, crono replied like this.
Only people that bitch about it are hacking, so **** you. If you were actually someone that cared and were legit, you'd at least know we're trying to kill off hackers. Having windows up that close pso is easily solved by not having them up. 200+ players on the server don't bitch, why do you? Obvious hacks.
Obviously lack of support is obvious, so i don't even need to say much really.

the population actually went up, not down
most players in any version of pso register, play a few weeks and then give up, even if the server stoped working for 3 or 4 months it would regain population shortly after, because users eventually by googling would find the server and join, the users would be unaware of the past and keep playing, possibly even donating (that's why i reported the issue to paypal)
Sylverant server also has 2000 different guild cards yet there are only like 10 regulars. (they come, they play, they leave)

Even the donation topic seems to have had a little spike of activity and it seems like more people are donating
Probably because i sent over 70 Pms to the donators quoting the posts and then redirecting them to diadu topic, some apreciated, some didn't and some already knew about the situation.

Even the Antihack file hasn't generated much resentment
Really, the posts over pso-world and the new influx of players at eden server says another story, some ppl just don't like how things are beeing handled and they blame the file as 1 of the reasons

I was surprised that more people didn't have a problem with it.
But some do, but that's not the reason i'm taking the support over here, it's the scam that matters, i also don't care about what they insert into pso.

Resuming, my blog post stays the same, my report to paypal stays the same, my view on the server stays the same, the comments at youtube will continue to be deleted and all i need is the word from lee-yoshi to censor the server name in this forum. (this will prevent users from going to that server after viewing a post on, this forum is not to be used to redirect users to scams)

Yes, i have lot's of things against the server, but that's not the topic is about, the server/forum are used to promote a scam and they use all kinds of strategies to accomplish that, i can't simply stay here and recomend the server for others to play, i'm not talking about unfair bans, hipocrisy, corruption or server updates, i'm talking about the real life money.

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