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Nintendo Revolution

Here's a thread for the brand new Nintendo Next-Generation Console... the Nintendo Revolution! Feel free to spread your opinions over the posts of this thread!

Starting it off instead of rumour is the official stuff:

This week the Games Developers Conference was held in San Francisco, and the main man of Ninty himself was there to reveal details of the new console in all their glory! Here's a few interesting features ^_^
  • Backwards Compatability (Plays existing Nintendo Gamecube games)
  • Will include Wi-Fi features and online play, straight from the box!
  • Processor produced from IBM and graphics chip produced from ATI

Originally Posted by
Iwata announced that Revolution will feature built-in Wi-Fi protocols, which will allow users around the world to connect with one another wirelessly. Revolution’s technological heart, a processing chip developed with IBM and code-named “Broadway,” and a graphics chip set from ATI code-named “Hollywood,” are being designed to deliver game experiences not possible to date.

“We’re excited to be developing the graphics chip set for Revolution, which continues our longstanding relationship with Nintendo,” says Dave Orton, ATI Technologies Inc.’s president and chief executive officer. “As the leading graphics provider, ATI is committed to delivering exceptional visual performance that enables consumers to interact with new and visually compelling digital worlds. ATI is proud to support Nintendo’s innovative contributions to gaming.”
For all the information about the GDC announcements - click here to go to

More announcements due at E3! You can't help but feel the love already though
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